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Turn Your Apartment Into a Multi-Functional Space

Many people struggle to make their rental property feel like their own. You may dislike the kitchen tiles or have an aversion to the carpet in the living room, but if you focus on making the space function to fit your needs, you can finally feel at home where you live. Here are some easy ways to turn your rental into a place you and your family can use.

Designate an Area For Everyone

If you have children, you have to find effective storage or risk letting toys take over your small apartment. After you purge unnecessary items, use hanging bins to store frequently used things. Place shelves in the closet for more clothing storage to limit the need for clunky dressers that take up floor space. Then you have room for play.

Find a quiet space for relaxation. Your bedroom or living room is a great place to start. Use neutral tones that are easy on the eyes. If you have a fireplace, add decor around and in front of it to create a cozy feeling. Bring your favorite scented candles and lower the lighting for a stress-free atmosphere.

If you love to entertain, decorate your living room to make it a place for guests to hover. Some experts claim that using mirrors can make the room feel larger. Choose seating that accommodates more people. A large sofa and an ottoman-style coffee table provide additional seating. If you have room for a small dining room table, you can create a separate space for dinner parties.

Create Workspace at Home

Working from home has many benefits, but it's important to create a space just for work to help you avoid distractions. If a spare room is not an option, place a desk in your bedroom. Forgo a nightstand and place a desk next to the bed. Use labels and stackable storage boxes to keep the space organized and promote productivity. Color-code your filing system and use the wall space to hang calendars and a corkboard for important reminders.

Transform Your Walls with Luxurious-Looking Wallpaper

Revamp your walls and add elegance to your home with natural woven grasscloth wallpaper. Peel-and-stick options are ideal for renters as they’re removable and won’t leave residue. You can even create your own customized styles or choose designs from artists around the world.

Find a More Accommodating Space

Sometimes no amount of decorating will make the space you have work to accommodate every need. In that case, maybe it's time to start thinking about purchasing a home so that you have free reign to build and design. Before you start looking for a place, designate a target area and make sure you research the housing market. Seek the help of a professional realtor if you are unsure about the position buyers are in at the time.

If buying is not an option, you can also scout rental homes and apartments online. Search for the appropriate price range and filter for the amenities that you need. You can look for more bedrooms if you prefer a bigger office space or a playroom for the kids. Maybe you need a larger kitchen for entertaining or an outdoor space for relaxing in the fresh air. Narrow down your search by viewing 3D tours, which many properties now provide online.

You don't have to break the bank just to make a significant change in your apartment. Anything from a lighting change to removable wallpaper will make a drastic difference. Your rental is still your home, and it should provide every type of space you need with ease.

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