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We Love Pets!

Traveling can be stressful for both you and your furry friend. Finding pet-friendly

accommodations that offer comfortable amenities for you and your pet can make a

world of difference in your travel experience. Fortunately, 5r Suites in Tacoma and Redmond,

Washington offers just that.

5r Suites is a pet-friendly short to mid-term rental that welcomes your furry friends with open arms. You no longer need to leave your pet at home when you go on vacation or have a work assignment because they can come along with you during your stay. 5r Suites offers a variety of amenities for both you and your pet, ensuring that you both have a comfortable stay.

In addition to providing comfortable accommodations for pets, 5r Suites also offers

outdoor patio access. This is perfect for pet owners who want to take their furry friend for a

walk or simply let them get some fresh air. The patio area is a great place for pets to run

around, stretch their legs, and get some exercise. This can be especially helpful for dogs who

may need to expend some energy after a long car ride or flight.

Overall, 5r Suites is perfect for pet owners who want to bring their furry friends

along on their travels. Our stays offer a variety of amenities for both pets and their owners,

ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable stay for all. If you're planning a trip to Tacoma or Redmond and want to bring your pet along, consider booking a stay at the 5r Suites. You won't regret it!

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