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8 Reasons Why Tacoma is the Prime Travel Nurse Destination

Travel nurses get to enjoy short-term living in a number of cities. While every city has its pros and cons, Tacoma, WA is the best location for travel nurses. The following are eight reasons why we think Tacoma is so great.

1. Travel nurses can get lucrative contracts in the area.

We’ve heard from travel nurses who receive between $3,700 and $5,000 each month from hospitals in Tacoma. In fact, there are over 40 hospitals in and around Tacoma! That means travel nurses have lots of options to choose from in the area.

2. There are great hiking and outdoor destinations.

Tacoma boasts lots of beautiful outdoor activities. Like San Francisco, Tacoma is a waterfront community. Locals enjoy walking along the Waterfront at Point Ruston and visiting the local market. If you love the ocean and water, Tacoma is a great option. They also offer a number of hiking destinations. Point Defiance Park offers over six hundred acres of outdoor space for hiking and other outdoor recreation.

3. You don’t need a car.

Many travel nurses prefer to settle in at a location without bringing a car along. Tacoma is both walkable and filled with public transit, making a car optional. You won’t need to worry about your daily commute since many Tacoma residents rely on public transit for their daily transportation needs.

4. Tacoma, WA is in the top 100 places to live. created a list of the top 100 places to live in the United States. Tacoma, WA ranked #23 in top places to live! While some of the reasons included access to higher education and a stable job market, these reasons aren’t as important to travel nurses.

However, the outdoor space, climate, and arts community also contribute to its ranking. Travel nurses can enjoy these things, no longer how long or short their assignment.

5. Perfect climate.

Seattle, WA is notorious for being rainy almost every day of the year. Although Tacoma is in the same state, it doesn’t have as much rain as Seattle. Residents of Tacoma also enjoy good average temperatures, with weather that’s never too hot or too cold.

6. There’s a lot to do in downtown Tacoma.

If you plan to fill your downtime with fun activities, Tacoma is the place to be! They offer great food options, museums, and other activities for you to enjoy on your days off. There’s a diverse selection of restaurants. Many of these great options are within walking distance of both housing and hospitals. Tacoma has a thriving arts community. They have six premier museums downtown, making it a great place for anyone interested in art. Check out our curated guidebooks for insider tips on how to explore Tacoma!

7. It is a dog-friendly city.

The outdoor activities aren’t just great for humans! If you plan to bring your dog with you, there are plenty of things you and your pup can enjoy in Tacoma. The city has hiking trails, dog parks, and outdoor areas that allow you and your dog plenty of space to explore together.

8. There’s flexible, furnished housing available for travel nurses in Tacoma, WA.

At 5R Suites, we believe in offering the best housing experience possible. Our suites are made with travel nurses in mind, offering you the flexibility you need for both short and long nursing assignments. If your assignment changes, we’re ready to work with you to cover changing housing needs.

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