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5 Ways Houseplants Make Us Better Humans

Not only do houseplants make any space look better, they also have been proven to decrease anxiety, stimulate creativity, remove air pollutants, and enhance our moods. Here are just 5 different ways that houseplants cultivate healthier spaces and people.

1.) Enhances Creativity

Many of us attribute feelings of luckiness, nature, envy, health or safety with the color green. But did you know that according to a Texas A&M study, may actually boost creativity by 15% or more? This sentiment is echoed by a study by the University of Munich and Rochester in which they discovered that looking at something green before starting a task significantly enhanced visual creativity.

The intersection between the color and creativity could be because it signals growth and safety. Dr. Stephanie Lichtenfeld, a professor involved in the latter study explains, “Green may serve as a cue that evokes the motivation to strive for improvement and task mastery, which in turn may facilitate growth...even very subtle stimuli, such as color, can influence our motivation, cognition, and behavior".

2.) Increases Productivity

Feel like you could use a burst of motivation? Consider adding some greenery to your work place.

A UK study by the University of Exeter found that integrating plants into your workplace can increase productivity by 15%! Plants and greenery up our work engagement by making us feel more emotionally, physically, and cognitively involved in their work.

3.) Reduces Anxiety

It has long been known that being around nature and plants is soothing for the soul. The Japanese practice of forest bathing known as “shinrin-yoku" displays how simply being around trees we can actively lower our heart rate, activate our parasympathetic nervous system and ultimately reduce anxiety.

But did you know that you can replicate these benefits in your own apartment? (without having to plant a forest!). A 2015 study from Chungnam National University in Korea found that having plants around aid in suppressing the sympathetic nervous system, slows heart rate, and promotes soothing. They even found that having plants nearby offset the stress that comes from using technology - a great solution to beat Zoom fatigue!

4.) Make You Happier

Having nature nearby not only helps reduce anxiety, it also has been shown in many studies (like that of The Royal College of Psychiatrists), to promote greater feelings of positivity, improvement in mood, relaxation and general higher satisfaction with life.

It's no secret that being in nature lifts our spirits and stimulates our senses. Bringing nature into our living space can refresh and rejuvenate our minds, bodies, and ultimately make us feel more active and alive.

Bringing a plant into your living space is sure to brighten up and refresh your day.

5.) Helps You Make Better Decisions

Plants lend their leaves and fronds to help create a quiet and productive environment. Living in the city can be loud: traffic, sirens, yard work, construction, and all types of noises can create a less than relaxing home. These irritating sounds can be stressors that affect our ability to focus. Luckily, plants have you covered. Plants and their leaves diffract, reflect, and absorb city noise which in turn, leads to a more productive and calm environment. Place larger plants by the windows so they can diffuse sounds and get lots of sunlight to grow large leaves.

We now know that plants lead to a calm, refreshing environment in our heads but they also are actively filtering out toxins in the air we breathe. Plants are natural air filters, by removing CO2, benzene, trichlorethylene, formaldehyde, and releasing pure oxygen. Having a clear head and calm demeanor allows us to make the best decisions.

In fact, just looking at photos of foliage improved of signs of clearheadedness in a study by the University of Reading. Surely, adding some green to your home is the first of many great decisions you will make.

If you're trying to freshen up your air. Consider some of these plant species:

  • Rubber tree

  • Devil's ivy

  • Spider plant

  • English Ivy

  • Boston fern

  • Chinese evergreen

  • Aloe vera

  • Ficus tree

In Summary...

Plants just make life better. Plants are scientifically proven to help promote a good mood and reduce stress - having them in your workspace or home will benefit you and all of those who enter your space. If you have a pet or child remember that some plants may be dangerous and always to do your research before placing a plant species in your house

If you're staying with us at 5R Suites in Tacoma we encourage you to join us in supporting local. Below are a few of our favorite locally owned plant shops for you to explore around town!

The Fernseed via @tacomalocal on Instagram

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